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 House #4 Loan Closing Closed!

  HOUSE #4 COMPLETED  in  Eastpoint ! 

 The dedication was held on Sunday, August 3, 2014.  Max Brown, our Vice Chair and builder, and Pastor Doug Boucher, First Baptist Church of Eastpoint, lead the prayer and dedication.

The home is a 1,440 square-foot, two-story, three-bedroom saltbox.  According to Mason Bean, another Board Member, the home took 100 days to build but was spread over a two year period to accomodate work schedules of the volunteers.  George Coon of Apalachicola designed the house and donated the plans.

We are seeking additional donations and volunteers in hopes of completing our 5th house more quickly.

Welcome to our newest Habitat Family to  home ownership!


House # 5

The walls and roof are in place. We will be needing help with the painting soon!!

Come by and see us at 255 Sago in Eastpoint

 Donations are always welcome.

This home will be located in Eastpoint and we plan to have it completed this year.

Help us make affordable homeownership possible for another Franklin County family with a "simple act of kindness" of your time or resources.


 History of Apalachicola Mardi Gras

For many years after the turn of the century (1900's) Apalachicola had a major multi-day city festival called Mardi Gras. This was long before our current Seafood Festival was created. Then, World Wars and a Great Depression intervened and the celebration was lost...until 2004, when Habitat for Humanity in the persons of Don and Pam Ashley began the process of bringing it back.

This year, 2014, was the 11th year, and with your help it will continue to grow and become a multi-day family daytime event with a parade, as it was a hundred years ago.


This new young company strutted its stuff in 1915

Future Plans for Events

Thank you for helping us provide Affordable Housing in Franklin County!