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 House #3 Loan Closing Closed!

 From left, board members Cliff Butler, Rob Peterson, Kristy Banks and Skip Frink

  HOUSE #3 COMPLETE in Carrabelle! Thursday July 7 (7/7/11- good numbers) board members posed at the closing with our newest homeowners, Kenny and Becky. Welcome to home ownership!


ReStore opens in Apalachicola

ReStores serve the Habitat mission by raising additional funding to support an affiliate's house building goals.  In addition, HFH ReStores have an opportunity to serve a broader base of the community by providing low-cost materials.  HFH ReStores also help to divert construction and household materials from landfills.


 Donation items are --almost-- unlimited

The ReStore is in Apalachicola
at the old high school location on 14th Street.


 History of Apalachicola Mardi Gras

For many years after the turn of the century (1900's) Apalachicola had a major multi-day city festival called Mardi Gras. This was long before our current Seafood Festival was created. Then, World Wars and a Great Depression intervened and the celebration was lost...until 2004, when Habitat for Humanity in the persons of Don and Pam Ashley began the process of bringing it back.

This year is Year 9, and with your help it will continue to grow and become a multi-day family daytime event with a parade, as it was a hundred years ago.


This new young company strutted its stuff in 1915

Future Plans for Events

Thank you for helping us provide Affordable Housing in Franklin County!